Listener remarks ...

Making a podcast is a challenging experience, but reading these words make it all worth while. Thank you for sharing!

I really appreciate your podcast and contributions to amateur radio. Your podcasts force me to think more deeply about the hobby, how we learn, and the purpose of radio. Thank you!

David N4DPH

Relevant if you are a F-call or not. I had found this series sitting among the bigger Amateur Radio podcasts and I didn’t know what would be covered here in less than 5 minutes per episode. The bite sized episodes helped to put a perspective to this new hobby and as a recently licensed operator, I’m able to connect to all the points mentioned in this series. Thank you Onno. 73s [sic]

Sandip EI7IJB

Short and concise. Spot on, not small talking for hours on topics.


There are 30 some odd amateur radio podcasts out there but the one that I keep coming back to with enthusiasm is The Foundations of Amateur Radio. It gets an almost instant listen when it hits. It's the podcast that Part 97 would write and produce if we had gone into podcasting.

Another thing that I like about his podcast is the length. They are all relatively short – somewhere between 4-7 minutes – and are easily consumable in a trip out to the market.

Onno also appeals to our sentimental side. He gets how aesthetically beautiful amateur radio is and it comes across in his choice of words, subject matter, and delivery.

Part 97

Wonderful podcast. I’ve been a radio Amateur for over 50 years. I find this podcast to be informative and entertaining. Both the subject matter and method of presentation should appeal to new hams and many many veterans. I give this podcast 2 thumbs up.


I like that the episodes aren’t full of extraneous talking, nonsense and opinion. Each episode has a topic and it stays focused.


Onno creates well thought out and expertly delivered short episodes which explain the complex details of Ham Radio in accessible, easy to understand chunks. I’ve just been listening to his latest series on Software Defined Radio and thoroughly enjoyed them all so far. Great work Onno.

James T

Well produced, interesting, and informative.


Onno offers great insight into many aspects of our hobby. I have learned mych that permitted me to better understand technical lectures and other podcasts because of this podcast! [sic]


I throughly enjoy your podcast, every episode. Thank you for creating it and for continuing to do so. [sic]


Another great podcast - thank you!


As a new technician who is overwhelmed and increasingly distracted by all the shiny new things, but at the same time excited about all there is to learn (including CW), I really enjoyed your positive outlook on the hobby.


Well said Onno - I have been listening to the podcast this week while at work, and It has encouraged me to start studying for my licence...


[..] I've greatly enjoyed your Podcast and as a newish Ham myself it has been a fantastic resource into the many facets of our hobby. As you've said time and again "its a 1000 hobbies in 1 hobby" and each episode you've posted has helped me understand just how deep the rabbit hole can go and similar to you I also want to try and stretch my Tech license to its limitations. [..]


I have listened to all of your foundations podcasts. I love the passion and enthusiasm that comes across. [..] thank you for rekindling my interest in radio.


I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your QRZ contribution and look forward to it each time I log onto QRZ.

Joey K5CJ

[..] enjoy a lot of your podcasts

Butch KB7CFV

Another great podcast - I look forward to each new one - short, sweet and relevant to the hobby.


I saw your posting in and liked your presentation.

Peres PY7CPC

My guess is you hear this over and over and over, but I wanted to take a second to tell you how useful your podcasts are. Well mic'd and produced, short, information heavy, interesting, etc. I could go on. Keep up the great work. As a small token I got your books. I will probably just pay them forward to someone wanting to discover more about the hobby. Thanks again and I will close with "73" (note no "s" as advised).


[..] great content - love the bitesize format, limited Jargon and detailed research - and I respect a person that knows what they don’t know but still experiments and researches - keep up the great work!


I have only in the last week come across your building blocks of AR. Thank you, the slots are well thought our without being preachy. They have common sense, humour and tech knowledge. I would also like to say that the length of the pod is ideal for having a cup of tea or a ciggie (if you use such things).

John G6LNV

I've been listening to your "Foundations of Amateur Radio" for a couple of years now on my iPod. Thank you for producing and providing the pod-cast - I always find something new to learn in every interesting episode (I've been a ham for 25 yrs now).

Bill N0LAJ

Love reading your bit's n pieces, keep up the good work. You seem to say it all so there is nothing I could hope to add.


Just a quick note of thanks and praise for your weekly podcast. I thoroughly enjoy them during my Boston commute. The short duration leaves me looking forward to the next week. Having gotten my tkt in sept 2016 you’ve been informative , funny and thought provoking. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Looking forward to buying the books. Your stuff is great re-read material.


Wish he spoke longer! Love the podcast and the topics. It is as if ohno is in my head answering the pragmatic questions I’ve always had and I am an extra class operator in the states. Great podcast ohno. Keep it up! [sic]


Only to say thank you for the podcasts. Useful information, nice ideas, well arranged text and good modulation. (also nice to practice my poor English). Keep going!

Ricardo CT3KN

Love the podcast


I can't remember how I learned about your Foundations podcast, but I'm quite glad I came across it. When first coming into this hobby, I didn't even know what questions there were to be asked. [..] Keep up the good work, and thanks again for your contributions.


Just a quick note to say I thought “Foundations Of Amateur Radio” was particularly good today, I see it’s already had a lot of hits on iTunes!


Thanks for the FAR podcasts. Always interesting.

Andrew VK1DA

I found your page with all of your podcasts and listened to several of starting with the beginning. I plan to listen to all of them. They are quite good information for not just beginners but anyone who is trying something new or as a refresher.

Marsha N8FE

My favorite Ham podcast. Bite sized nuggets of wisdom regarding this hobby. Onno makes even the most difficult concepts of amateur radio accessible to a newbie like me. I subscribe to 5 Ham podcasts- but this has helped me the most.


I'm a little late to the party as I only recently found your podcast but wanted to say I enjoy the format and content. Honestly I know, or more likely should know, the foundations of our hobby but the shows are very enjoyably if only as a review. A nice asset to new and old Hams alike. Keep up the great work.


All I can say is, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK my fellow! Once upon a time, in a past life when I was 10 instead of 79, I would have thought I was in Heaven had I found writings such as yours. I was first licensed at 12 years old. Just keep on keepin on!


Thanks for your contribution to "Our Hobby" 😉 ... Your "What Use is an F-Call?" and "Foundations of Amateur Radio" series have been an inspiration and encouragement to me, as I'm sure they have been to many others.

I obtained my "F-Call" last June at nearly 60 years of age. I was a "Listener" for many years before that. Boy, was I glad that they now use the "Multi-Choice" question system and no longer require Morse! - I put off trying to obtain a "Ham Licence" for many years as I could never get my head a round those dits and dahs ... does that make me a "Lesser-Being" 😂 ( I just read your latest pod-cast - very sad some people )

I am enjoying the "New" hobby. I have to admit though, I am still mostly in "Listening-Mode". Maybe one day, when I eventually get an antenna up outside, we might meet on air, and have a "QSO" some time. Melbourne to Perth is not so far. I am hearing VK6 from time to time. I currently have a loop inside, running down the hallway and into the spare room. It's been over six months now and my wife is starting to get annoyed with it. She has been so patient 😊

Keep up the good work mate [thumbs-up].


Only just found the foundations podcast. Bulk listening now. Only got my callsign on Thursday. Worked 5 2MFM station today.


I just want to congratulate you for the work you have been doing for our hobby. I listen to your podcasts daily and used some on our local ham net. On behalf of the Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club SLARC, as ex-President I want to thank you

Lionel J69KZ

[..] keep up the good work & thanks for your short podcasts


Hey Onno, just writing to say I enjoy the podcast; found it a couple months ago and went back to listen through the whole back catalog. As I was listening to the latest episode today, SOTA Goat sent me a notification of a spot. Imagine my surprise when it was posted by and for the same ham that was already speaking in my ears. I don't generally hear VK activations from my W7 shack, but I tuned in just in case. Unsurprising no luck from here, but I hope you had a successful and fun activation in any case. Thanks again for the podcast and 73,

Brian AF7MD

[..] Thanks for these interesting podcasts. Keep up the good work.

Dave VO1LQ

I've stumbled across your podcasts, and I never knew that Australia had an F-call. I really appreciate what you've done with the podcasts, they're short, to the point, educational and entertaining. I've been licensed for 30 years(got my license when I was a kid), and your podcasts have helped me explain basic concepts (well they're actually pretty complex concepts, they don't seem as complex to me as I have been steeped in it) to people interested in the hobby, but have no background in radio or electronics. Thank you for all you do to make this an amazing "Hobby of a thousand Hobbies" (got that from a guy with an F-call :-)


Just finished listening through the last few episodes of "What use is and F-Call." I was recently at our local Ham Shop, Universal Radio, and was able to recommend your Podcast for some folks studying for the US Technician license.

Based on your recommendations I have substantially increased my focus and efforts towards learning about antennas, and changing my solution. Thankfully some local hams have been able to give me good advice on my plans. I am about finished with installing it on my roof. Hope to make my first DX contact with the new solution. Once I get the hang of my rig at home, I will try to go mobile. [..]

Thanks again for all your work at furthering the hobby.


Hats off to you for all the great information you have provided to people like me. (enjoying the hobby and needing a lot of questions answered). My first love is HF but since my hearing isn't what it used to be D-Star has been my saviour. [..] Once again, thanks for your huge contribution to the hobby.

Dick K4NJ

Thanks for taking a new tack at making Amateur Radio a little more fascinating. Not that it has ever lost my interest here at WN2A, but these little podcasts are very nice. Will forward this to my friends.

Mike WN2A

Your item [..] about using the microphone correctly was most appropriate. In particular when using FM. Some amateurs do not understand FM and often believe their problem with poor reports are in relation to their RF or antenna, when it is just low or high audio. AM and SSB have built in automatic gain control and this irons out the audio we hear coming out of the radio. FM has no automatic gain in the receiver.

Will VK6UU

Just wanted to say thank you for posting these up and making them available. Only found them recently but really useful and interesting.

Keith 2E0WEK

Thanks for the interesting podcasts.


I actually eventually caught up with all of your podcasts last week and have just listened to the very latest one.


I wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoy listening to your regular sessions on the weekly WIA Broadcast.

Leigh VK5KLT

I was listening to the live streaming of the proceedings of the WIA AGM on Norfolk Island off and on today and this afternoon I was pleased to hear your name mentioned as being a recipient of one of the President's Commendation Awards. Your work associated with encouraging Foundation amateurs the Sunday News broadcasts were mentioned and I do look forward to your section of the news each Sunday. Well done.

Alex VK4TE

Great Information and Comfortable Style. Onno does a great job of boiling down his topics into nice-sized presentations. In a few minutes, he provides basic information and gives the listener a foundation for further research and experimentation. Onno's style is very smooth and comfortable, making this podcast enjoyable and informative.


Hi Onno, my grown up son has been talking about getting a Foundation license, and I immediately thought of your articles as they would be a good incentive for budding hams. After some searching, I was delighted to find your collection of articles have been preserved! A great idea as there are gems there as well as good general info. Thanks, I will use them to get him motivated!

Adrian VK5AW

Gets me thinking. Thanks for a brief podcast that really gets me thinking about what I have and what I am doing with amatuer radio. [sic]

Catlike Rider K1WJM

Hi Onno I always Listen and enjoy your weekly broadcast


Just wanted to thank you for your segment on the News today. I am only a few months into have my F call and have been finding the info you give during your segments very interesting and helpful. I was only thinking during the week about the signal strength reports that we where taught when i did my course and your segment today just reminded me what it was there for and how to asses the signal strength. Cheers again and look forward to hearing what you have in the coming weeks.


[..] just a quick e-mail just to tell you my wife and i enjoy your sunday morning segment ~ please keep up your great work ~ good to see someone putting back into amateur radio !! be a ham for 34yrs 73's

Udo VK5UZ and Debbie VK5JT

I just wanted to say I think your column is great, you do a good job! Your column is the first thing I scroll to when I receive the W.I.A newsletter.


I firstly I would like to say well said on both your “What Use Is An F Call” on last weeks and this weeks WIA news.


Good luck, well done and I look forward to supporting your efforts further when I have my VK7 call sign.


I think you’ve captured the amateur spirit superbly.


Congratulations on your stand against bullying.

Roger VK2ZRH

I love you segment.

David VK4ICE

Onno keep up the great work and if I find anyone bullying an “F” call they’ll will get the short end of a pineapple.

Jeff VK5IU

Thanks for the weekly messages. I always read or listen to them.

Compton VK2HRX

Thank you for the time and effort you put into this hobby.

Alan VK6VA

I have heard your audio piece on the WIA news for a long time and wanted to say well done and thank you for your contribution.

Mark VK2MP

I like your work and I think you certainly inspire others to become amateurs and I find your segment interesting. Keep up the good work.


I really enjoy how you promote the hobby and particularly the "F Call" side of things. [..] Keep up your marvellous work of promoting the hobby and particularly the F call, the hobby needs more dedicated people like yourself.

Rick Polden VK7FRIK / VK7RI

I wanted to thank you for the "What use is an F-Call?" series. I'm not yet a ham, pending someone running a Foundation course nearby soon. That said, I've taken inspiration and ideas from the series. I'm very excited to join the hobby.


Just wanted to say, I have been enjoying the “What use is an F-call” series. [..] Keep up the good work.